New Leadership at Divetech; Same Commitment to Customer Service and Tech Diving


New Divetech owner and managing partner Jo Mikutowicz has been at the helm of one of Cayman’s leading dive operators for more than a year, and she is making her mark. Mikutowicz has big fins to fill. Cayman dive pioneer Nancy Easterbrook, a mentor, and friend, founded Divetech on the shores of northwest Cayman in 1994 and built it into an operation committed to conservation, education and training.

“Jo has a sincere passion for diving, and after working at Divetech for several years, she decided it was for her, which I gladly supported,” said Nancy Easterbrook. “She is growing the business in the marketplace, in with the new and out with the old, which is always good for any business.”


This pink dive boat is a welcome sign for women divers.

Because of its location near the island’s deep walls, Divetech introduced nitrox and technical diving in the Cayman Islands.

“There is so much potential in tech diving for growth,” said Mikutowicz. “I want to expand our technical diving program to help generate more tech divers, especially among women.”

Because she was on the Divetech staff for years before becoming the owner and managing partner, Jo is familiar with the company’s tech culture. Although she’s been a tank and regulator diver for most of her dive career, she recently got certified to use a rebreather, a breathing apparatus that allows divers to dive longer and in silence.

“It was underwater silence like I’ve never heard before,” said Mikutowicz. “I could hear a fish munching on coral— and I knew it was a massive parrotfish, but I couldn’t see it. It took me a while to find the fish.”

Rebreathers have traditionally been used by hardcore technical divers, but there are now rebreathers for recreational divers that are lightweight and comfortable. Jo Mikutowicz says customized rebreathers can be a great way to make a statement.


Jo Mikutowicz enjoying her pink rebreather underwater.

“Mike Young, owner of KISS Rebreathers, certified me a few months ago, and he built a customized pink rebreather for me – pink is my favorite color,” she said with a smile.

The experience has energized Divetech’s new owner to reach out and increase the operation’s tech diving program, she plans to keep the operation on the leading edge. Innerspace, Divetech’s annual rebreather event, is scheduled May 20 -27. She’s also actively promoting free diving on the island with regular trips and activities.

Jo Mikutowicz is leading Divetech forward with the same commitment to customer service, training, and community, that its founder did. And Jo is making her mark visible by adding her signature pink to the logo and one of the dive boats — a clear beacon to women in search of diving adventures.

“I am sure that many great things are in store for the future,” says Nancy Easterbrook with confidence.

About Divetech

Divetech is a full-service dive operation with facilities at Lighthouse Point on Northwest Point Road in West Bay and the Holiday Inn Resort & Suites in the Seven Mile Beach area. Considered one of Grand Cayman’s leading dive operations, Divetech has been providing quality dive services since 1994 and has earned a reputation as the place to go for quality training – from kids to trimix – with 18 Instructors on staff. Divetech is an IANTD Platinum Facility / TDI/SDI Instructor Trainer Facility / PADI 5-Star Resort / PADI TecRec Facility / PADI Project Aware Center / SSI Resort / IANTD & SSI Free Diving Center / BSAC Resort / National Geographic Center/ Scuba Rangers Club / Universal Training Facility / PADI Swim School / DAN Technical Field Research Station.

Great dive and room packages are available with resort partner, the Holiday Inn Resort & Suites.

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